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Cyclists visit Inn at Red Hill

July 31st, 2013 by Cindy Neugebauer

B&B 2013 008Driving to DC from New Mexico for their son’s wedding this Saturday, Terry Canup & Jan Brydon began their cycling adventure in Cumberland, Maryland.  Their son shuttled them from DC to Cumberland to begin their journey.  On the first day they rode the C&O Canal from Cumberland to Hancock, spending the night at Trails Inn, Hancock, Maryland.  On the next day of their journey they rode from Hancock to Taylor’s Landing.  They hopped off and took a tour of Antietam Battlefield all on their bicycles!!   Terry and Jan continued on their bikes down to Sharpsburg and had dinner at Captain Bender’s Public House.  They called me from there and told me they would ride all the way up the hill to Red Hill.  In about an hour they arrived.  What a trip!!

After a hot breakfast this morning they packed up their gear and cruised down the hill all the way to Snyder’s Landing and continued on the trail to Shepherdstown.  They took the paved path up and over the bridge into Shepherdstown for a little side trip.  They are now on their way to Harper’s Ferry to visit with Jan’s brother who will also be attending this wedding.  Safe travels my friends!! What a pleasure to visit with you at Red Hill.


Move Over Flat Stanley…Red Chair is on its way!

July 22nd, 2013 by Cindy Neugebauer

Red Chair, NY

The Red Chair Story began in New England at Woods hole Inn.  Innkeeper Beth Colt started the movement through New England.  The chair is now on its way across the country and will visit Red Hill September 14-16.

You might find “Red” at Antietam, riding a bike on the C&O or even getting a cold beverage at Dan’s TapHouse.

Follow Red’s Story here:

This picture of Red was taken in NY.