Bicycle Ride of a Lifetime

This is taken from Tim Roland’s Editorial in this morning’s Herald Mail -September 21, 2014 –   Well done Tim!!

Western Maryland could be in for the ride of a lifetime”

On his page, Tim Roland talks about the boomers, those of us in our late 50’s and early 60’s, who will be retiring soon and ready to hit the trail, leaving our work responsibilities behind.  He said:

“Earlier this month, Adventure Cycling Assoc. came to Western Maryland to connect with local cyclists in Cumberland, Maryland.  They came to explain their plans for nationwide, numbered bicycle routes that run on bike trails or existing roads, one or two of which will run through our backyard, and sooner rather than later will be attracting worldwide attention.”

He said that The C and O Canal National Historic Park, which is only 7 miles from Red Hill, “recently became the first national park to officially designate a number, Route 50, to the towpath, a bikeway that extends to Pittsburgh on the Great Allegheny Passage and eventually will run to the West Coast.  …The Adventure Cycling group also is publlicizing another bike-friendly initiative, the growing availability of Amtrak’s roll-on bicycle service.  One of the first lines to allow bicyclists to push their mount directly onto a passenger car will be the Capitol Limited out of Washington, D.C.”

He closed is article by saying:  “Western Maryland is fortunate to have one of the nation’s great bicycle arteries plying its midst, and should be prepared to take advantage of it.”  We are ready!!

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