Robins in the Snow!

IMG_0949[1]I just went for a walk with Bailey out back.  Just as we came around the corner I saw the crabapple tree full of robins!  Could that be?  They were having lunch…just chomping down on crababpples.  What a site.

This picture does not do this justice.  By the time I dug my camera out of my pocket below layers of fleece most of them flew away.

For those of you that have visited Red Hill, the crabapple tree is that prolific tree that sits in view as you look out the center of the deck.  Just amazing.

I will have to watch for these little guys and see if I can capture the kodak moment.  I planted this tree about 12 years ago, per the suggestion of my sister Linda.  She said the birds will love it.  She sure was right! Enjoy the winter everyone!  Stay cozy.  -Cindy

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