Pittsburgh Bound Cyclists

IMG_1105[1]Despite a big storm,  my friends from NJ and Pennsylvania made their way to Red Hill.  Paul, Sue, Vanessa and & Mike left Leesburg, Va/ last Monday morning for a beautiful ride on the C&O.  As predicted, the weather changed.

With trees down, limbs on the path and rain pouring down, they soon appeared at mile 76.6, drenched but safe.  Paul came peddling down pulling his trailer on the towpath.  The other three appeared on the road where I was waiting in my car.  I give them a lot of credit.  They just peddled on through, detoured when they had too.South County Clean Up After Storm

After drying out, a hot meal and a good night sleep they were ready for their next day adventure.  Their destinationn was Hancock, Maryland.  Sue waited back at Red Hill for a shuttle to Hancock, while the other 3 packed their gear, fixed a flat tire and off they went.  By the time I got back to Red Hill, Paul called me looking for an alternative route.  There were dozens of trees down blocking the towpath.    So, on they peddled back up the road to Sharpsburg Pike and followed the road all the way to Williamsport as their detour.  What an amazing group.

Later that day I received a text that all were okay and they made it safely to Hancock.

I just received word that they are all in the comforts of their respective homes.  What an adventure!  What a group of fine cyclists.  I look forward to their return visit!

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