Antietam Connection to Red Hill

DSCN4704.jpgmarypatsteveIllinois2015Steve and Mary Pat came to visit Inn at Red Hill several weeks ago.  Steve has a real passion for the Civil War.  He shared with me this really cool book that mentions Red Hill and part of its role in the War.

IMG_1156This book is a collection of stories told by veterans and eye-witnesses of the battle of Antietam.  It was written Circa 1906.

I would like to share the story of Red Hill:

“The Geeting farm buildings that stand at the foot of Red Hill, or known in history as Elk Ridge south of Keedysville, MD, were used as a hospital for months after the battle, many soldiers were cared for there and so many died that they formed a graveyard across the road from the big spring; this hospital was known to the soldiers as the Geeting, Russell and Locust Spring.  The writer has heard many sad messages related by some of the doctors and nurses who helped care for the dying boys; sad messages to be sent to their homes, people they would never see again.”

Geeting Road is located at the bottom of our ridge.

This special connection to Red Hill is very special to those of us at Inn at Red Hill.

Thank you Steve for sharing your treasure with Red Hill.

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