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Robins in the Snow!

January 28th, 2015 by Cindy Neugebauer

IMG_0949[1]I just went for a walk with Bailey out back.  Just as we came around the corner I saw the crabapple tree full of robins!  Could that be?  They were having lunch…just chomping down on crababpples.  What a site.

This picture does not do this justice.  By the time I dug my camera out of my pocket below layers of fleece most of them flew away.

For those of you that have visited Red Hill, the crabapple tree is that prolific tree that sits in view as you look out the center of the deck.  Just amazing.

I will have to watch for these little guys and see if I can capture the kodak moment.  I planted this tree about 12 years ago, per the suggestion of my sister Linda.  She said the birds will love it.  She sure was right! Enjoy the winter everyone!  Stay cozy.  -Cindy

C&O National Park Considering Fees

January 28th, 2015 by Cindy Neugebauer

There is a lot of concern locally in Washington County about fees the National Parks system is considering to impose on the C&O Park.
Alot of good points were brought up at the meeting last night in Hagerstown.  This park is a gem in Washington County and is used by alot of visitors as well as locals for recreational use.  Cyclists, joggers and hikers are found the on the path daily.  Free of charge.
Maintaining the park takes a lot of manpower to cut and trim trees, mow the grass, fill in the ruts and washout from rain water.  Paid park employees are few.
I truly don’t know how they will monitor their fee structure.  They say they will moniter it only in the parking lots.  A huge task in my opinion.  There are so many access points along this 184 mile path.  Who will pay?  Those of us that are honest citizens and try to do the right thing.  Will there be any consequences for those that “sneak” in?  What about those that go to the Potomac River to fish?.  Will they be charged a fee for crossing the path to get to the river?
A lot needs to be considered.  For more information, please read the article that was featured on the front page of the Herald Mail this morning.

Antietam Memorial Illumination

December 5th, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

Antietam IlluminationDecember 13, 2014  6:00pm to Midnight

Rooms are still available at Red Hill.

Come experience the beauty of 23,110 luminaries lit for each soldier who was killed, wounded or missing during the bloodiest battle of the American Civil War.  It’s breath taking!!

Beautiful Time of Year

November 3rd, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

IMG_0990IMG_0991IMG_0992We love it here in the fall.  Busting all over in color!

A Capella Singers Visit Red Hill

November 3rd, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

IMG_1004This great group of women came to Red Hill from Southern California.  They played hard all around the town.  They are now in Baltimore for their annual A Capella Convention.  Thanks for the fun and entertainment!

Jan, Pat, Debi, Nancy & Jackie.

Bicycle Ride of a Lifetime

September 21st, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

This is taken from Tim Roland’s Editorial in this morning’s Herald Mail -September 21, 2014 -   Well done Tim!!

Western Maryland could be in for the ride of a lifetime”

On his page, Tim Roland talks about the boomers, those of us in our late 50′s and early 60′s, who will be retiring soon and ready to hit the trail, leaving our work responsibilities behind.  He said:

“Earlier this month, Adventure Cycling Assoc. came to Western Maryland to connect with local cyclists in Cumberland, Maryland.  They came to explain their plans for nationwide, numbered bicycle routes that run on bike trails or existing roads, one or two of which will run through our backyard, and sooner rather than later will be attracting worldwide attention.”

He said that The C and O Canal National Historic Park, which is only 7 miles from Red Hill, “recently became the first national park to officially designate a number, Route 50, to the towpath, a bikeway that extends to Pittsburgh on the Great Allegheny Passage and eventually will run to the West Coast.  …The Adventure Cycling group also is publlicizing another bike-friendly initiative, the growing availability of Amtrak’s roll-on bicycle service.  One of the first lines to allow bicyclists to push their mount directly onto a passenger car will be the Capitol Limited out of Washington, D.C.”

He closed is article by saying:  “Western Maryland is fortunate to have one of the nation’s great bicycle arteries plying its midst, and should be prepared to take advantage of it.”  We are ready!!

Never too old to bike the Cumberland and Ohio Canal!

September 17th, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

Don and Robert CyclistsBrothers Don & Bob are cycling from Washington DC to Cumberland, MD – the full 185 Miles.  What a great example of staying active in your “golden years”.  Best of luck guys!  It was a pleasure having you visit Red Hill.

Big Cork Vineyard-Minutes from Inn at Red Hill

September 13th, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

Big Cork Vineyard


Blues Fest Visitors and Hikers come to Red Hill

June 4th, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

What a weekend at Red Hill!  Pat & Ann came up from Towson, Maryland to visit friends and attend the 19th Annual Western Maryland Blues Fest in Hagerstown.  Saturday afternoon Hiker Bill arrived on our front porch and took a rest in the old green rocker.  He walked from Pittsburgh, stopping here for the night.  He is on his way to DC (350 Miles total).  What an amazing man.

Bill settled in on the back deck with a nice glass of red wine.  I served him bubbling hot lasagne, fresh salad greens and topped it all of with a bowl of Peach Ice Cream from South Mountain Creamery.

Bill continued his journey early Sunday morning, meeting his wife in nearby Shepherdstown, WVa.  That afternoon new friends arrived from New York.  Jeanne and Jim came to stay at Red Hill as the planned to visit their friend Monday morning.  Their friend is hiking the entire Appalachian Trail!  He started in Georgia sometime in April.  Harper’s Ferry is the half way point of the trail at mile mark 1,000.  Jeanne came to Red Hill with a crock pot of pulled pork for their friend as they prepared a very special day for him in celebration of his accomplishment! I just love innkeeping.  I’m meeting the coolest people!!

Happy Spring!   -Cindy

Bill on his way to Shepherdstown

Bill on his way to Shepherdstown

Appalachian Trail at Spring Time

April 2nd, 2014 by Cindy Neugebauer

Weverton Cliffs 001With 60 degree weather, spring finally arrived in “South County” section of Washington County Maryland.  The Appalachian Trail winds through this part of Maryland with many hiking opportunities along the way.  One of the closest access points to Inn at Red Hill is Weverton Cliffs.  There is plenty of parking right off Rt. 67 near the 340 Bridge.  The hike is steep and rocky.  As you can see Bob chose to use is new trekking poles.  I find these poles very useful on the way down the slope.

Weverton is a 2 mile hike; 1 mile up, 1 mile down.  At the top you have a beautiful view of the Potomac River as it winds along the banks of Maryland and West Virginia.  One of the many gems in this area of the country.

Happy Spring Everyone!!

Weverton Cliffs 002